France is the cradle of wine culture, with a unique wine culture, high quality grape producing regions and a transparent management system, and enjoys a good reputation in the world. The unique natural conditions here provide an important guarantee of raw material for the production of high quality wine.

Dassault, Arnault, Pinault, Bouygues, Leclerc, Mestrallet (Switzerland), Dubru (Accor): the big bosses in France invest in famous wine fields, and pleasure is of course a goal, but they can also use it to show that they can succeed in another industry. Establish a good image in front of customers.

The Bordeaux region has more than 6,000 wineries and nearly 10,000 wine owners. Relevant data show that in 2010, China became the first export market for French Bordeaux wines. The four large-scale acquisitions of Bordeaux cellars by Chinese companies are sufficient proof of the great potential of the Chinese wine market.
According to a survey by the International Wine and Spirits Information Company, a British industrial research organization, China has become the seventh largest producer of wine in the world. From 2010 to 2014, wine production in China will increase by 77%.

China’s enormous development potential will make wine culture a new development opportunity.
Cardiad, former president of GO Sport Outdoor Products, admitted that “investing in a wine estate can bring many other values ​​to real estate investors”.
Increase the effectiveness of your brand and acquire a cellar in France. The added value and cost performance of a large-scale production acquisition will far exceed the common name or cooperation of wine joint ventures. Thanks to the integration of production, brewing, crafts, etc., physical and brand resources such as the long brewing tradition and the rich brewing culture of its high quality production areas will be integrated into your brand. .

The land in France is private, that is to say that there is no restriction of the right of national use for 70 years.

French formal consulting services company, the company has a good advantage in terms of social resources, pays great attention to maintaining fluid communication channels with local authorities, industry and commerce, banking, tax services and judicial, can provide timely and comprehensive services

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