Culture Projects

Exclusive representative of “The International City of Comics and Pictures” in China.

Co organize the Kunqu troupe (a delegation of 60 people) in Europe. (The Kunqu, considered as the ancestor of the hundred operas, represents the classical theater par excellence of China, UNESCO masterpiece of the verbal and intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The BEIKUN Theater, established for 60 years, is Kunqu’s troop with the highest level of professionalism in northern China).

Exhibition curator for renowned Chinese artists: Top 10 in the Hurun ranking (Chinese Forbes).

An exhibition and demonstration of clay teapots from Yixing China in the presence of Mr. FAN Weiqun for the first time in France at 27 rue Jacob, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, and at the Mélia Royal Alma hotel. In collaboration with DAMMANN FRERES, Mont Roucous – Rosée de la Reine.– During the exhibitions and demonstration, more than 300 visitors passed by. The French very much appreciate this type of cultural event.

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